7 scenarios for the COPI days of Safety Region Flevoland and Gooi- en Vechtstreek

7 scenarios for the COPI days of Safety Region Flevoland and Gooi- en Vechtstreek

From 16 to 20 April, the annual COPI days of the Flevoland Safety Region and the Gooi en Vechtstreek took place at the Nieuw Millegen camp. This closed-off military area was an ideal, safe learning environment for the OvDs, the officers of service, to practice multidisciplinary.' Central to this was the COPI consultation: Central Consultation on the Location of Incidents.

FireWare was allowed to set the scene with its rental fleet. No fewer than 7 challenging scenarios were realised. In addition, two evaluation installations were installed for optimal observation.

Start with an Escape Room

The day started with a communication exercise. In an escape room specially developed by FireWare, the "soft" skills were worked on: communication, patience, overview, collaboration and collective memory. Various assignments were carried out using radio-controlled cars.' During the assignments, virtual intrusive reporters with stupid questions bothered them. A good way of learning for constructive development as a group!

Two runways 6 scenarios

Two parallel runways were used. Each runway was provided with 3 challenging scenarios. On runway number one, for example, an accident was staged in an embassy with a non-cooperating ambassador. The second scenario was a swimming pool with chlorine leakage and a large number of visitors. And finally, the OvDs were allowed to put their teeth into a fire in a disco. Unfortunately, the mayor of the municipality was one of the visitors.... On the second runway, a military helicopter crashed in the first scenario. In the second scenario, animal activists released laboratory animals that carry a contagious disease. And the third scenario consisted of preparing for a terrorist attack that got out of hand. All in all, tricky scenarios with many dilemmas and learning moments!

Experience is central

The goal of projecten manager Robert Raben of VR Flevoland was to put the experience of the OvDs back at the heart of the projecten; an idea that matches with realistic staging and a great challenge for FireWare! A lot of attention was paid to the decor, for example. From specially made training animals to a special logo for the discotheque. From a large number of smoke machines to perfect explosions. Every effort was made to create a beautiful learning environment for the OvDs!

Good feedback is everything

Of course, it is important to provide good feedback to the experienced OvDs, and nothing is more annoying than an observer who is constantly on top of you. That's why FireWare installed special observer sets in the COPI containers: a good camera with extremely good sound in a compact housing. This is how the observers could follow the progress in the container on a large screen, without getting in the way.

Within FireWare we look back on a great event. The cooperation with the employees of the two safety regions was fantastic. Inspiring collaboration in its purest form! Thanks!

Do you also have a large or small exercise? And would you like to have FireWare stage some or all of them? Feel free to contact us!

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The ‘Fire Safe Living’ film for the Flevoland Safety Region

The filming for the new “fire safe living” film for the Flevoland Safety Region took place on 18th January 2016. FireWare organised the special effects and training for this FireKids production.

A chimney fire was discovered during this film. An existing residential property with an existing chimney was used for the filming. It goes without saying the house did not suffer any damage. A Stratus smoke machine with a smoke hose set and a number of blaze spots were used, to name but a few.

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The film is about a number of fire safe living aspects and will be used for information provision and awareness around this issue.

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