The Reinier De Graaf Hospital in Delft fills their own fire extinguishers

The Reinier De Graaf Hospital in Delft fills their own fire extinguishers

For almost eight centuries, the Reinier de Graaf Hospital has been providing care to the inhabitants of Delft and its surroundings. The hospital employs over 2,600 employees, including more than 200 medical specialists and nearly 800 nurses. Approximately 450,000 people can call on the hospital for care in their immediate vicinity, which has 481 beds.

Safety is one of the highest priorities of the Renier de Graaf hospital. This is why the hospital has its own extensive training facility to train more than 1100 in-house emergency workers each year, including the use of small extinguishing agents.

Large-scale use

Because the hospital considers it important that every care provider extinguishes a fire, more than 1100 fire extinguisher fillings are used on an annual basis. This used to be done with "real" extinguishers, which were supplied externally, resulting in a large number of logistical movements.

For a year now, the Renier de Graaf hospital has been using FireWare practice extinguishers. These extinguishers are specifically developed for instructional purposes. The operation is identical to a real extinguisher, so the learning goals can be achieved without compromise!

In-house filling

The big advantage of these extinguishers is that they can be filled in-house with the FireWare Neptune filling system. Up to a maximum of 3 extinguishers are filled semi-automatically in about 3 minutes. For this purpose tap water, air from a compressor and exercise foam are used. This practice foam is dermatologically tested and fluorine free, which is good news for the participants as well!

The use of the Neptune filling system drastically reduced the number of transport movements required to deliver the extinguishers. This therefore makes a good contribution to the ambition of Delft and the Renier de Graaf hospital to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.' It is of course also nice that by using this system considerable cost savings has been achieved, without compromising the quality of the training. In other words: there are only benefits!

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