Breath-taking forest fire simulation at ardent show “Fogo Correndo”

Breath-taking forest fire simulation at ardent show “Fogo Correndo”

During the summer of 2019, “Fogo Correndo” premiered at the Oerol festival on the Terschelling Island. The flaming festival addresses the causes of forest fires and the effect of global climate change. Former FireWare colleague Dorèndel Overmars who is now part of the Fogo Correndo team didn’t hesitate for a second to ask us to help simulate a spectacular forest fire. We are happy that we could make a contribution to this talented production!

The show is built around the events of the most fatal forest fire in the Portuguese history. In “Fogo Correndo”, which means wildfire, the audience is taken along the 24 hours preceding this devastating fire that occurred in 2017. The scene is that blistering summer day against which setting the actors explain the causes of forest fires and the shocking motives to start them.

All senses sharpened

The show was played 18 times during the Oerol festival on the island Terschelling. The use of sound, scent, smoke and lights made the wildly enthusiastic audience experience the fire approaching. To help create this dazzling experience, our Stratus smoke generators and smoke hoses were used, combined with strategically placed lights. We compliment the technician Bart-Jan Oosting who controlled the special effects, and managed to enchant the audience time and again by creating a breath-taking forest fire.

Special thanks go out to Marjolein Frijling and Theo Martijn Wever for the production and the play. What a great opportunity and collaboration!