Unique mobile tunnel fire simulation set for Iceland!

Unique mobile tunnel fire simulation set for Iceland!

Iceland has many tunnels. Some of them are more than 7 kilometres long. For this reason, emergency services over there also train in order to be well prepared for incidents in tunnels. And what better way to do this than by practising in the "real" tunnels themselves?

In cooperation with our Icelandic partner Landstjarnan, FireWare developed a unique simulation concept. With a trailer full of suitable training and simulation equipment, every tunnel in the country can be converted into a temporary training centre. Complete with interactive high-tech control.

Realistic smoke

Smoke development is an important aspect of scenarios in tunnels. In order to approach reality as closely as possible without damaging the tunnel, 12 Stratus smoke machines are used. These smoke machines are capable of producing vertical smoke. The amount of smoke is comparable to an actual incident involving several vehicles.

Fully interactive

The set is controlled by means of an Incident Server and Incident Clients. These are supported by a set of auxiliary antennas, which set up a strong wireless network. Even isolated from the outside world, in the middle of a tunnel, there is a good range. Using the high-tech tablet controls, the instructors have complete control over the scenario. For example, a steam simulation can be started during an fire extinguishing attempt, escalating and de-escalating scenarios can be started automatically and training multi-gas meters can be used in a fully interactive way. The instructors receive video images via the built-in cameras to support them in their observation and evaluation.

Non-destructive fire simulation

In a real tunnel, it is difficult to train with actual high fire loads. The delicate technology in the tunnel could be damaged. Using FireSpots and Phoenix silkflames, the optical illusion of a large fire load can be created. Ideal for scenario training. In addition, with 3 additional Vesta fire extinguisher trainers, it is also possible to work safely with "real" propane-based fires.

Fully mobile

The entire set is transported in a special simulation trailer. By packing all the training materials in personalised Euronorm boxes, the whole set can be deployed extremely quickly. Everything needed for an exercise can be found in the trailer: from training materials to power distribution.

Details make the difference: versatile

The set is designed in such a way that, if desired, it can also be used for other simulations. For example, wild fires, house fires or industrial fires. In addition to the smoke and fire simulation, the set is equipped with a very extensive library. This library contains sound effects, a practice AED, explosion cannon, smoke hoses and many other training materials to provide emergency services with challenging, realistic scenarios for years to come!

User training: simulation technology is a profession

In addition to designing and supplying the materials, FireWare is also responsible for teaching the Akureyri fire brigade in Iceland the intricacies of simulation technology. Due to COVID measures, this required creativity on both sides. But, with the special online learning tool and remote training via Microsoft Teams, the organisation was able to start using the system anyway. In the first quarter of 2022, follow-up training will take place on site. In this way, the maximum is made of the set!

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