City training centre for the Haaglanden Fire Brigade

City training centre for the Haaglanden Fire Brigade

Practice is necessary in preparation of an actual event. What better place to train than in your own home town? Public Safety Region Haaglanden transformed four locations in the Binckhorst district of Den Haag into realistic training facilities where a series of monodisciplinary TS-4 exercises took place, in partnership with local ambulance services. FireWare was invited to stage nine different simulation scenarios at these locations.

The focus of every scenario was on the dilemmas TS-4 staff might encounter. What could a team resolve on its own, and when was additional manpower or material required? Irene Dekker, organizer of these training exercises, prefers to implement fairly straightforward simulation scenarios to achieve excellent execution. It is the best way to achieve the learning goals determined.

Excellent execution meant having actual police officers and ambulances present, as well as hiring effective actors to provide the necessary input. All of this took place against a backdrop of real buildings and detailed staging.

A fire was staged in a business unit, with one victim remaining inside the building. The victim was locked in and immediate access was required. This could be achieved by using forcible entry equipment or a chain saw. In a different scenario at the same location, the victim was located on a higher floor. What was the best way for TS-4 crew to assist the ambulance on scaffolding?

Participants had unique experiences in a series of scenarios at a house where the residents were still present (!) From providing lifting assistance to a CO warning, from a small attic fire to a raging inferno'the range of exercises was enormous.

Finally, a chemical waste dump and a number of technical assistance scenarios were staged at a construction site. In just four hours, each of the training courses was set up, and 16 exercises took place there in the course of four days. It was a fantastic projecten on which we look back with a great deal of satisfaction!

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