A unique mobile concept for Alert! Training sessions

A unique mobile concept for Alert! Training sessions

'We would like have a unique mobile solution to provide various safety training sessions with our customers on location.' Daan Castelein and Sam Verschelde of Alert ! Training sessions from Belgium came up with this question for FireWare. They had their newly purchased trailer with them. After a wonderful day of brainstorming at FireWare - doing tests and trying things out - they came up with a unique solution.

FireWare had the opportunity to develop a concept that fell within the budget and could be realised within 2 months. Of course we seized the opportunity with both hands. In a super tight collaboration, a lot happened in those summer months, the result: a concept that allows the client to create various training environments on location, in line with the different learning objectives.

Object Saturation

The set consists of 6 closed wall elements and 4 door elements. By moving them, different spaces can be created. These spaces can be half open, to provide decent frontal lessons, but can also form a network of complex spaces to be able to do scenario training. The chance of 'object saturation' or 'object fatigue' is therefore minimised.

In addition to the walls there is a transport system for the standard size crates in which all FireWare practice materials are neatly transported. There is an evacuation alarm that can be operated, practice extinguishers can be used - which can be filled by the Neptune filling system on site - and of course there is a hose reel available. Depending on how the walls are placed, the complexity of using a hose reel can also be practiced from different angles. The whole thing can work autonomously, on battery power, because of the use of the soundbox for the sound effects, the Cirrus smoke machine and the Vesta for the flame effects. This is how each sense is stimulated!

The FireWare team is proud of the final result and the constructive, positive cooperation with ALERT! We wish them a lot of fun and great learning moments for their participants. Learn more about ALERT! Chek out their website:

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