FireWare presents its new cutting plotter: Harry Plotter

FireWare presents its new cutting plotter: Harry Plotter

Recently, we added a new cutting plotter to our range of supporting products. The cutting plotter allows us to create computer-controlled cut-outs in paper, cardboard, sticker paper and foils!

Handyman Harry

The introduction of this new cutting plotter increases our printing options. For example, we will use the machine for product development and to create folding and scale models. How convenient is that! The FireWare traditions require that our latest asset will be appropriately baptised. So without further ado: Meet Harry Plotter! 😉

The FireWare team now also trained to provide first aid

It is our daily job to deliver solutions that help first responders to become and remain better skilled. Naturally, we also want to stand tall ourselves whenever accidents happen in our presence. Time to sign up for a First Aid Training Course for the entire FireWare team!

At three different occasions we were introduced in the hectic world of first aid by Vincent Peters, a well-established name in the Dutch first-aid-scene: life-saving actions, putting bandages (on our colleagues), alerting first responders and many other skills that are inherent to the subject. Not your standard training course to give for Vincent, as the material was even complemented by other elements that could contribute to upgrade our ability to create realistic staging!

The training courses were scheduled after work hours. First, the team enjoyed cooking and having dinner together, after which we were all fuelled up for the course. We particularly enjoyed the training in our own F.I.I.T., where we put our new knowledge into practice! All team members passed the course and they were all granted their First Aid certificate!

Elementary school “de Zilvermeeuw” on a school trip

On Friday June 14th, 27 inquisitive children invaded the FireWare premises. Every year, the elementary school “de Zilvermeeuw” organises a school trip and involves both parents and the near surroundings of the school. This year, the trip’s theme was nature and firefighters. Of course, we were thrilled that schoolteacher Vera contacted us to arrange for this school trip to be a success!


For some weeks now, the toddlers have been entertained by the stories about Frog. In order to keep in touch with this theme, our F.I.I.T. was especially programmed for this occasion with the child friendly adventures of Frog, that were projected on three screens simultaneously! The children could also visit our “make-up room” where our grime artist turned them into the animals or character of their choice. A giant Bunny posed with the children in a “froggy” landscape for a photo memory. And it goes without saying that FireWare added some fire-fighter related activities to the program!

Nature and firefighters

The theme nature and firefighters fitted us like a glove. The children were challenged to extinct an actual fire on the Vesta. Of course, this exciting activity was supervised by an actual fire-fighter, our product specialist Merijn. The children could also save their favourite stuffed friend from the highest tree and last but not least, after a lovely lunch, there was a real fire truck for the children to parade around in (with the sirens on!).

This was a very special day, not only for the children, but also for the FireWare team! This school trip proves that an office can also be a playground for a day!

Better is a neighbour who is near than a brother far off!

Bedrijvendag FireWare

“De Stek” in Wieringerwerf is a small, accessible and informal business park. Therefore, the  FireWare team is very happy with the choice to settle here. The local entrepreneurs organize informal meetings a few times a year to discuss the ins and outs of the business park in an informal setting.

Appearance, sustainability, security and support

Today, FireWare hosted the meeting. In our newly designed brainstorming room equipped with Lego Serious Play tables, we initiated a conversation about the business park’s appearance, sustainability and security. We also discussed how we can help and support each other even further.

The delegation sent by the municipality of Hollands Kroon really added to the meeting’s value. Today was a great opportunity to put one of our core values, inspiring collaboration, into practice again!

Molto bello! SoFraPa is our dealer for Italy

This week, we were pleased to welcome Paolo Innocenti and Sara Pagliuca in the Netherlands. Paolo's company, SoFraPa Healthcare, recently became a dealer for FireWare training materials in Italy. It was a short, but nice visit that resulted in quite some starting points for the future!

SoFraPa Healthcare

We feel nothing but admiration for SoFraPa. In the past years, the company worked hard and passionately and succeeded in establishing their name on the Italian market. The organization is an exclusive and authorized distributor of various top brands in the emergency services industry. Therefore, we are very proud to have landed this new collaboration!


We consider the collaboration with SoFraPa to be a unique opportunity to offer Italian first responders realistic training options. By sharing market-related knowledge and insights, we have been able to lay a solid foundation for a future in which first responders will become and remain (more and more) competent. Moreover, Paolo and Sara followed our distributors’ product training to help them stage realistic training sessions themselves. This knowledge is essential for them to provide their own clients with good advice about the use of FireWare training materials.

Cries for help

During the second day of the visit, we smoothed out the final folds of our collaboration. We have made agreements about distribution and gained many ideas about marketing approach. As Paolo and Sara were in the house, we took advantage of the situation and used their native Italian skills to record various cries for help in Italian. Audio-support has proven to increase the training’s realism. By offering Italian sound effects, we help improve the realistic level of lifelike practice in Italy.

As the sun was shining very brightly, we thought it would be nice to add some colour to the visit. We saw the opportunity to shoot some nice pics in a flower field nearby. It was lovely to offer our Italian visitors a sniff of Dutch culture!

Want to know more about SoFraPa?

We see a lot of potential in the collaboration with SoFraPa and look forward to the future. Do you want to know more about our Italian distributor? Visit their website!



A delegation of Fire Chiefs from Argentina visited our dealer Hobrand in Tiel on 7th July. FireWare was asked to organise a lecture on realistic staging.

Creating realistic smoke layers with the Cumulus smoke machine was a particular eye opener for the participants. In addition to a number of detailed demonstrations, we also took a more in-depth look at FireWare’s philosophy when creating realistic training environments. In short: an enjoyable and inspiring day for everyone!

FireWare assist in Zele during the RopaRun

FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 2
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 3
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 4
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 6
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 7
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun 9
FireWare helpt Zele tijdens de RopaRun

Just like previous years, the Belgian municipality of Zele is doing its utmost to welcome the RopaRun runners as hospitably as possible. Of course this comes as no surprise, as Zele itself is represented by 3 teams in this sponsored run (Team 147-Magnetrol, Team 182- De Koddelopers and Team 288- De Moerenlopers).

But the Zele teams certainly aren’t the only ones receiving a fantastic welcome: the municipality is raising the roof for all the teams!

The RopaRun is a relay race of more than 500 kilometres from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam, whereby teams realise some top sporting achievements in order to raise money for people suffering from cancer. The motto is therefore:

“Adding life to the days, where all too often days can no longer be added to life”

FireWare has been helping with this event for the past 8 years. This year’s theme was “crooked”. Zele’s fire service built a fantastic “crooked” castle. A number of smaller castles with children’s games were also realised. The village square was once again decorated beautifully and the mega-sized DODO was put in place again. All these elements naturally have to be appropriately lit and equipped with smoke and fire effects. That’s something FireWare excels at.

FireWare’s team received some great assistance with the lighting again this year: Aukes, JE-BHV and Profhire were once again present to support this great cause. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing: people dressed up in accordance with the theme, a DJ and some delicious catering .... All the ingredients for a fantastic passing through were in place!

FireWare has an incredible amount of respect for all the runners and volunteers from the RopaRun Foundation. But also for all the volunteers in Zele. It’s enormously inspiring to see so many people working together for such an important goal. For us to be part of this and to be able to provide a small contribution is a huge honour.

FireWare at the 4th international safety education seminar

International Safety Education Seminar 2
International Safety Education Seminar 3
International Safety Education Seminar 4
International Safety Education Seminar

More than 200 professionals from 12 different countries discussing the future of safety education. That was the focus of the 4th International Safety Education Seminar held on June 7 and 8 at Papendal in Arnhem.

The conference was well organised by the Dutch Fire Service, the IFV and the Dutch burn injury foundation. Inspiring speakers shared their experiences with education and information projects aimed at fire prevention. It was very interesting to learn how other countries handle this material.

In addition to our products, FireWare was asked to present two roadshows: The RedAlert and the Ram the Flame. We have also given a sneak preview of the new container for Safety Region Fryslân, the Kameleon Race...

We look back on an extremely successful event. We are very happy with the safety region Gelderland South and North Holland North. They were willing to have their roadshows serve as a source of inspiration for the conference participants! Thank you!

A word of thanks to the organization is also in place: an inspiring location (where top athletes of the Netherlands exercise), a solid programme and a delicious network dinner served in the open-air museum... it was just pure perfection.

Would you like to participate in a brainstorming session about an informative roadshow?  Please feel free to contact us! An afternoon of brainstorming is free of charge....and full of potential.

Shall we make evacuation plans clearer?


Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-1
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-2
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-3
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-4
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-5
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-6
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-7
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-8
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-9
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-10
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-11
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-12
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-13
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-14
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-16
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-17
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-18
Bedrijfsuitje Camperduin-20

To ensure that FireWare provides the quality you are used to, we are constantly investing in our team spirit. Ultimately, it is the close cooperation with each other that ensures a flawless end product or super cool project!

This means that the atmosphere and interaction with each other is crucial to FireWare. To take this to a higher level and to ensure that our entire team becomes even more inspired to develop great things, we spent a whole day on development, sports and games on Friday June 1st.

We kicked off the day with the workshop Lego Serious Play. This workshop focuses on core questions that are individually answered by expressing one's views through a Lego construction. This is a surprisingly efficient way to ensure that each team member contributes and expresses their own ideas as well. You can literally tell from the constructions whether the participants are on the same level or whether they think very differently about certain issues.

We looked at how FireWare is currently doing and at how we can make FireWare even better in the future. Besides the fact that the workshop gave very good insights into each other and in FireWare, it was fun to do! The entire team was very enthusiastic about this workshop.

After a lovely lunch it was time for the afternoon programme. As we develop  escaperooms and break in rooms ourselves, the activities committee reckoned we could benefit from experiencing the competition's creations: a break in room on the beach in Camperduin (North Holland). The teams were divided and the game was on!

After an afternoon filled with brain teasers and fun entertainment, the first teams managed to enter the room where a delicious snack was waiting for them. After a few drinks, it was time to announce the winners. The day ended with a delicious BBQ.

We had a great day and the entire FireWare team is fully charged and ready to be at your service again.

FireWare is facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. Ask us about the possibilities.

15 years Fireware

What a party!

We had some mysterious activity going on at FireWare on Friday October 5th...... A surprise party was being prepared to celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Sef and Jacqueline were kept outside of everything and were given only one task: to be present with kids at 16.00 hours. The entire team and their family gave them a warm welcome. There was a party tent, balloons, music, snacks, drinks and even a bouncy castle for the children! After a nice speech by Merijn, a plaque was offered on behalf of the employees that will have a prominent place on the wall.

A delicious BBQ with perfectly prepared meat and vegan dishes by Frans, made the party complete. It was a great evening with a great bunch of people!

FireWare Technical Service Team received NEN 3140 refresher course

Technische dienst-1

At FireWare, we actively work on gaining and improving our skills. That is why the entire technical team participated in a refresher course on the inspection of work equipment according to the NEN 3140. Trainer Xander ten Dolle had put together a tailor-made programme for FireWare and highlighted solutions to the problems associated with the inspection of training materials, both customer-oriented and focused on our rental fleet.

Merijn, Caspar, Henny, Stefan, Danyon and Willem have all updated their knowledge and skills, so they are ready to profesionnally maintain and test your training materials again. Do you need our help or assistance? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Djoek’s birthday


Our most loyal employee has been employed with us for 12 years and also turned 12 today!! She is always ready for a hug and keeps the atmosphere in the company relaxed by sleeping in the office completely stretched out! Happy birthday!!

In the news!

FireWare speelt met vuur in de krant NHD

Last weekend there was a nice article about FireWare in the Noord Hollands Dagblad. Thank you Jan Mol for the beautiful rendition of the conversation.

Read the complete item here in pdf: 180519 artikel NH dagblad

Dealer Days FireWare 2018

Inspiring teamwork is one of FireWare's core values. To give substance to this, FireWare organised the Dealer Days last week: 17 people from 8 countries came together in Wieringerwerf to learn from each other and get inspired!

The central question was: how can we better help aid workers all over the world to become skilled and how do we keep these skills intact? On the first day we discussed a large number of projects from the project portfolio. The Fryslân Fire brigade even made sure participants could see the Kameleon Race for real.

Due to rain, the BBQ planned for Tuesday evening didn’t work out that well, but because of the improvisation talent of cook Erwin of Klipper Success we were served an excellent meal anyway. After dinner, the participants were guided around the KNRM rescue station in Medemblik, and there was also the possibility to make a trip on the IJsselmeer. The participants also received important information for the next evening assignment: setting up an actual exercise for the KNRM and the Medemblik Fire Brigade.

On Wednesday, a thorough staging training took place. Dealers were trained in using the brand new PANDORA, PHOENIX and FIRESPOT. In the evening, the lessons learned were put into practice by staging 4 nice exercises for the KNRM and the Medemblik Fire Brigade in the field of firefighting for ships. The evening was concluded with the donation of a nice MOB manikin for the KNRM. We are sure that this will help the KNRM to become and remain competent.

The last day was marked by the future and the development of our dealers. We sailed on the IJsselmeer to get to know each other even better and then dropped anchor to participate in a Lego Serious Play workshop. With again fantastic new insights!

We look back on a few fantastic, inspiring days. We are grateful for all the help we have had from Regatta Centre Centre Medemblik, RV Hollandia, the Medemblik Fire Brigade, KNRM Medemblik, the entire team of FireWare, Roger Schoenmakers, the Succes crew, Fryslân Fire Brigade, but also all dealers who have taken the trouble to come to Wieringerwerf.

Let’s do it again next year!

happy birthday!

Jarig 2018

At FireWare we celebrate birthdays in a creative way. With cake and lots of colorants. Decorating old-fashioned cakes was quite a lot of fun :-). Happy Birthday Sef and Linda! ...

Brainstorm session with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY at FireWare

LEGO®Serious Play® is a proven tool for innovation processes, product development, evaluation, team building, vision development, strategy issues.... and much more. With the help of the famous LEGO blocks, participants go to work to gain new insights and learn from each other.  

After intensive training in Copenhagen by the founders of LSP -  Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen - Sef Hendrickx is now a certified LEGO Serious Play Facilitator (LSP) within FireWare. LEGO can now be found on every desk within FireWare and the LSP method is used both internally and externally for customer-specific sessions. In addition, the brainstorm room will soon undergo a major renovation to facilitate the LSP method even better. Of course it is also possible to work on location.

The beauty of the LSP method is that it connects people: everyone can build with LEGO. This makes it possible to use collective knowledge in an organisation when it faces a problem or challenge at any level. Everyone literally contributes to the solution!

During an LSP session, 3-dimensional models with LEGO stones are built. These models contain one or more metaphors that are explained by the builder. Of course the other participants and the facilitator may ask questions. It is also possible to make connections between the different models of the different participants: this provides new insights!

The facilitator provides each participant with the same construction challenge. Every participant gets the same amount of time to build something and they all tell their story with their own model: everyone is 100% involved. This is a big difference compared to other methods where the same people usually take the lead.

An LSP workshop is fun, promotes creativity, provides support for the jointly devised solutions and is above all a joint experience.

Would you like to start an LSP workshop for a certain problem or challenge? Please contact FireWare for more information.

New energy-efficient HR heating in warehouse FireWare

HR verwarming magazijn-1

It is a well-known fact that sustainability is of paramount importance to FireWare. That's why we took care of the heating in our warehouse in December 2017. Our "old" warehouse heating has been replaced by a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly HR warehouse heater.

HR boilers have long been known as CV boilers in the Netherlands. As a direct-fired air heater, they are relatively new. With this adaptation, we expect to achieve an energy saving of 35% compared to our previous installation. A good intention for 2018!

Hooray! FireWare 14 years old!

Hoera FireWare 14 jaar

Today marks exactly 14 years ago for Sef and Jacqueline to drive their old Chrysler Voyager to the chamber of commerce to register FireWare that was based in their student apartment in South-Amsterdam. “Supply training equipment to fire brigades based on experience in theater technique": The company activity has remained unaltered over the years. Its execution has slightly modernised though.

Initially working from our student apartment, then continuing from a sea shipping container based in the western ports of Amsterdam, followed by a new location in Velserbroek and finally settling down in Wieringerwerf, we have always valued working with our enthousiastic team and are still fully focusing on our mission: Providing emergency response teams all over the world with the most realistic training options possible. And we're planning to continue doing so for many more years to come.

Pancake Day at FireWare


Today, 24th March, is National Pancake Day! This is a day when pupils from primary schools right across the country make pancakes for the elderly. An impressive 1,110 schools participated this year! FireWare made its kitchen available for a number of pupils from De Zilvermeeuw primary school this morning, who made pancakes for their grandmas and grandads and the elderly people staying at the local nursing home ... And the FireWare team was also given a delicious stack of pancakes as a thank you! We can certainly look back on a very successful morning and feel sure all the grandmas and grandads were thoroughly spoilt!


Take a look at the website for more information about Pancake Day.

The Marine Fire Service donates a hook lift container to FireWare for Firefighters Without Borders

Marinebrandweer plaatst haakarmbak bij FireWare 2
Marinebrandweer plaatst haakarmbak bij FireWare 3
Marinebrandweer plaatst haakarmbak bij FireWare 4
Marinebrandweer plaatst haakarmbak bij FireWare

The Marine Fire Service from Den Helder returned a hook lift container to FireWare today. This container was used as a storage unit for the Firefighters Without Borders Foundation. Old training materials can be returned to FireWare. If these materials are still suitable for use, they will be made available to fire services in places in the world where the facilities and provisions are significantly worse than the Netherlands. Is the training material no longer suitable for use? Then the raw materials will be sold and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Firefighters Without Borders Foundation.

The Firefighters Without Borders Foundation collects its materials in Tilburg. The arrival of this container means there is now also a collection point in the north of the country ... and this was certainly well overdue, as an increasing number of organisations are now saying a sustainable farewell to their old training materials (and other firefighting materials). For example, the North Holland North Safety Region didn’t just donate an entire pallet of crackle boxes, but also some old breathing apparatus with accessories. And now these can be stored away neatly too!

The container will be collected and taken to Tilburg as soon as it’s full, or when there is an appropriate project. The distribution to the foundation’s projects will take place from here. We are therefore helping to make sure emergency responders can become and remain qualified anywhere in the world.

It goes without saying it’s absolutely fantastic that the Marine Fire Service is willing to use a surplus container in this way. Have you been inspired by this initiative and would you like to make a contribution too? Then why not hand your old training materials back to FireWare! We will make sure they are put to good use.

Realistic or Abstract? FireWare organised a lecture during the 2017 Resuscitation Council Conference


What is realism during a training exercise? And what type of design would be most suitable for this? These subjects were addressed by FireWare’s Sef Hendrickx during a lecture at the Dutch Resuscitation Council Conference. This 14th conference was held in the NBC on 15th March 2017.

We looked at new forms of teaching during this conference. What can we achieve with VR and augmented reality? How can we learn and what’s the importance of the element of play in this regard? What can we do with apps?

In addition to staging examples, whereby the environment has been recreated as realistically as possible, FireWare has also devoted attention to staging whereby the dilemma has been simulated as effectively as possible. This was further substantiated from the ideas created by “Homo Ludens” or “the playing man”.

Some new training concepts, such as the escape room at Intertraining, but also the interactive First Aid simulator at FireControl were also shared with the visitors. We can certainly come to the conclusion that both concepts were enthusiastically received! We can therefore look back on a very successful conference, with many inspiring speakers.

Happy holidays from the FireWare team

The entire team of FireWare wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Our Team enjoys a week of holiday  the week between Christmas and New Year. Monday Januari 2, we are back in position!

Two Baarn Mini Flashovers in Malaysia

Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 2
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 3
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 4
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 5
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië 6
Twee Baarnse Mini Flashovers in Maleisië

Our dealer in Malaysia, Tecsen Technologies, supplied the Fire & Rescue Academy Malaysia in Bau Sarawak with two mini-flashover trainers. This training centre is one of the five most important training centres of the Malaysia Rescue Department, or rather the BOMBA.

One of the things the Mini-Flashover Trainers will be used for is to simulate realistic backdrafts and flashovers to scale. They will also be used as a tool for the fire development lessons. However, the most important motivation for using the Mini-Flashover Trainer is because the training centre is in need of preparing its students more effectively before they start using the actual flashover containers.

The nice thing is that Mini-Flashover Trainer was introduced to FireWare by the Baarn Fire Service. They developed this concept from the need to achieve a higher learning efficiency during the training courses in a 'real' flashover container. This video will present you with an introduction to the trainer's 'spiritual father', Hans van Essen. FireWare has turned the concept into a product which can be series-produced, allowing more aid workers to benefit from this.

FireWare is incredibly proud of the fact they have been able to help with introducing a training concept like this on the other side of the world. After all, our mission is to ensure aid workers can become and stay qualified anywhere in the world!

Visit from an Argentinean team for an inspiration session


Dion from Hobrand visited FireWare today. He had invited a team of 15 people from Argentina for an inspiration session. The basics of realistic staging with technical theatre influences were explained during this session. This was a real eye-opener for the visitors, or a literal translation of what the guests said: “this breaks my skull open”...

Demonstrating the fact that really any environment can be used as a training centre with some simple resources was incredibly valuable to the visitors. Soon everyone had entered into extensive discussions regarding how this could be implemented in Argentina in the short-term. Without the need for this to instantly go hand in hand with enormous investments.

It goes without saying an event like this should certainly also include a suitable lunch. At the end of the workshop we took a somewhat more in-depth look at terms like: “patatje oorlog” (fries with peanut sauce, mayonnaise and onions), “peanut sauce”, “frikandel” (minced-meat hot dog) and, of course, the “bitterball” (meat-based snack). We addressed the basic vocabulary of the Dutch fries culture in great detail, allowing the participants to give this their own interpretation over lunch!

This day was another valuable contribution to FireWare’s mission to allow emergency response team members from all over the world to become, and continue to be, qualified and skilled using theatre techniques!

Vote now: RED ALERT is nominated for the 2016 Nijmegen Communication Award!


The award for the best communication project in the Nijmegen region will be announced on Thursday 10th November 2016 for the second time. The De RED ALERT, the Gelderland South safety region’s information provision vehicle has been nominated for this award. The firefighters from the 24 hour service have produced a fantastic project. And we were able to assist them with this – naturally something we are incredibly proud of within FireWare!

We would absolutely love it if this enthusiastic group of firefighters’ efforts were to be awarded with a (well-deserved) 1st place. You can help us realise this by voting now: You can do so here:

The winners of this communication prize can look forward to some great publicity in the press. Another fantastic opportunity to continue to propagate the fire safe living theme!

Roadshows in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Realistic staging has made impressive progress in the Netherlands in recent years. The many students who attended the staging training are now applying what they have learned in practical situations. And it’s working! Many realistic scenarios have been set up within a short period of time.

We are also looking at the possibilities to introduce realistic staging abroad. Ruth Lee organised a roadshow in order to inspire fire departments in the UK and Ireland. FireWare’s Sef Hendrickx talked about the possibilities for realistic staging on location during these shows.

Visitors learned more about FireWare's philosophy during the 3 sessions in Dublin, Durham Tees Valley and Wallasey and how to apply this in practice. It remains strange that every fireman in the world knows that smoke and hot air rises, but the smoke machines are often used horizontally! Still, it’s nice to show that this can be done differently too, for example with the Cumulus and Stratus.

We can now look back on three great and inspiring events. It’s simply fantastic that Ruth Lee took the trouble to organise this. A great step towards helping rescuers around the world become and stay competent in this field!

The locations that welcomed us, the International Fire Training Centre,  Dublin's airport training centre and the ESTC certainly also deserve great praise for their hospitality!

With thanks to Marc Melander for the photographs.

A compatible Fire and Life Safety presentation solution for the North-Holland North Safety Region


An “idiot-proof” presentation solution, which can be positioned in the lobby of a retirement home, but which is also perfectly suitable for wind force 5 conditions on Texel’s beach. This is the challenge Dick Jongneel from the North-Holland North Safety Region asked FireWare to rise to.

There is a great need for a rapidly deployable means of presentation for the various different fire safe living projects in the area. The solution has been found in a modern version of the old-fashioned market stall. Compact during transport, strong and simple to set up!

These market stalls can be linked by carefully thinking about their design. For example, a small stall measuring 1 meter 50 in width can be produced, or a wider one of, for example, 3 meters. This will allow the North-Holland North Safety Region to adjust the presentation solution in line with any situation. The market stall can even be used in bad weather conditions with the built in shelter tent and weights. And the maximum load? An impressive 300 kg per segment!

This solution was also formulated during a session in FireWare’s brainstorming area. Do you have a challenge for us too? Then do come along and pay us a visit! We would gladly think along with you with our creative team!

17 people from 9 different countries participate in brainstorming session about training materials

160915 Distributeursweek-1
160915 Distributeursweek-2
160915 Distributeursweek-3
160915 Distributeursweek-4
160915 Distributeursweek-5
160915 Distributeursweek-6
160915 Distributeursweek-7
160915 Distributeursweek-8

Inspiring collaboration is one of FireWare’s core values. And what better way to achieve this than to have a lively discussion about various different training materials with a large number of distributors? The Ruth Lee / FireWare distributor days took place in Wales from 5th to 8th September. Experiences and ideas of no less than 17 people from 9 different countries were exchanged in an informal atmosphere.

The central questions for FireWare were: “How can we help emergency response teams from all over the world to become and remain competent?”, “Do people all over the world think alike about training and staging materials?” and: “How can we make sure optimal service is provided all over the world?”

It was certainly a challenge to find a clear answer to these questions. There were many similarities but also just as many differences, which all ask for their own, unique approach. An inspiring and open dialogue is very useful in this respect. The first person's challenge often was quickly solved by the other!

In short: An inspiring week with plenty of dialogue, delicious food (as this naturally forms part of the process too), sportsmanship and quite a few great ideas for new products, which we will soon be telling you more about!

The French team joins forces with W.I. Consulting

WI Consulting versterking Franse team

We are incredibly proud and happy with the expansion of our distribution network in France. Our products will also be distributed by W.I. Consulting with effect from 9th September 2016. This company has gained extensive experience with selling training materials in the care sector.

We are now in a much better position to provide our French customers with an optimal service, with two distributors in France. There will always be professional advice and support close at hand with Securhit in the south of France and W.I. Consulting in the north!

Would you like more information about W.I.Consulting? Please don’t hesitate to contact them via +33 (0)344 24 90 80, or send an email to

Need for sPEEd

Hoge nooduitgang 2
Hoge nooduitgang

It can be fun to take a critical look at everyday things. In a spontaneous mood after his holiday, Ricky decided to design new signs for our toilets that are better aligned to our target group.

Because he can…

FireWare’s 13th anniversary!

FireWare 13 jaar

We have included a little piece about FireWare’s history on our website:

It’s a cliché, but time certainly flies...

And of course it’s your turn to treat everyone if it’s your birthday: anyone who places an order with us today or tomorrow will receive a bar of Tony Chocolonely for free!

A surprise party in Dunville


Sometimes unexpected things happen that make you very happy! Peggy, Alisha and Alan had prepared a surprise party to celebrate the cooperation between ALG safety, Ruth Lee and FireWare in Canada.

A real Canadian ‘Perch Fry’ (frying fish together), great local wine and several fantastic pies put everyone in a great mood.

How nice and inspiring when people do their best to make something special. We certainly are very proud of ALG Safety representing us in Canada!

Scrap iron for Firefighters Without Borders

Oud ijzer-1

The bin with scrap iron is almost full! Soon we will once again be able to provide Firefighters Without Borders with another nice contribution. All thanks to the donations of old training materials. Even training materials which no longer function can still prove useful. They are all taken apart and sorted. Any yield from, for example, the old copper or scrap iron will subsequently be donated to Firefighters Without Borders.

Do you have any old training materials lying around? Do come along and hand this in to Wieringerwerf or send it in to us. We will make sure it ends up in the right place.

First step towards a new showroom

Eerste stap nieuwe showroom

We’re going to renovate at FireWare! And we have now taken our first step: plenty of effort is currently going into the ceiling and cable ducts for the new showroom. You will be able to see a large selection of our range here, once the room has been completed. You can come along and see for yourself how much smoke comes out of our smoke machines, what the effect of good staging is and you can feel how heavy the drag dummies are for yourself.

You can still come and see us for a demonstration of everything connected to extinguishing in our specially designed room, where we can use water and real fire.

Follow our news on the website or via Facebook and stay up to date on all the renovations!

Visit from international partners Ruth Lee and Tecsen Technologies


We had a visit from Fabian Wee last week. Fabian works at Tecsen Technologies, FireWare’s dealer in, for example, Malaysia and Indonesia. The aim of the visit was to share knowledge and information about realistic staging. It was great that Laurence and Linda from Ruth Lee in Wales also participated for a few days. An international group which inspires each other to seeing how training and educating can be done in an even more fun and realistic manner!

We were guests at Hoorn Fire Station during one of the days. In addition to visiting a “typically Dutch fire station”, the visit was also organised to see “ram de vlam” (tame the flame). The water accidents cart was a new concept to Fabian and one he was certainly very enthusiastic about! We were guests at ACM training in Elburg later that same day. Visitors could see a typically Dutch Ambulance Station here, but naturally also the various different mobile and modular training concepts.

Weert Fire Station also allowed us to take a look behind the scenes, in addition to all the necessary product and staging training at FireWare. A modern, large fire station, where Fabian in particular was very impressed by what he saw. We subsequently went to VeTraNed to see their large iPad controlled installation. The trip concluded with FireWare’s logistics partner, in order to see how all the logistic processes are organised. Fabian then returned to Malaysia, after a beautiful walk through the Schoorl dunes, in order to share his experiences back home.

We would like to thank everyone for their hospitality, openness and the fantastic stories! After a week like that you do realise things aren’t all that bad for us here in the Netherlands….

A visit from our Malaysian dealer

bezoek maleisie

We paid a visit to the Weert Fire Service today with Fabian (our dealer from Malaysia). We enjoyed a great hospitable welcome, thank you very much!

Firefighters Without Borders

We’ve had a whole pile of breathing apparatus delivered to us for Firefighters Without Borders! A big thank you to the Hoorn Fire Service!

Thank you!

Dear FireWare customers,

Today is my last day! I’m taking up a new challenge and I’m really looking forward to it. Even though it’s a shame that this means good bye to FireWare.

Thank you all!

Irma L’Abée