Careers at FireWare

At FireWare, we enable emergency response teams all over the world to train as realistically as possible. We do this by stimulating senses as much as we can. The techniques we use have their origin in the theatre and film industry. In the past 18 years we have made many improvements and innovations to these theatre technical concepts! We were also inspired by architecture and mechanical engineering. We combine creativity with proven techniques. That is how we create innovative solutions that make a difference in the training experience!

FireWare is growing and the world is changing. The need for first responders to train more realistically is increasing. There are still fires, accidents and terrorist attacks. By helping aid workers to prepare for this, we make the world a little bit more beautiful. And we could really use some help with that!

Let's be honest with you: working at FireWare is not for everyone. You have to fit into a team of quirky people. All people with their own expertise and ideas. We always come up with cool solutions together. You really have to be able to inspire other people and get inspired by others. Standing up for the ideas you believe in is great, even if it goes challenging. But, pissing contests are not really constructive.

A part of our work is planning. But, a lot of it isn't. So every now and then you unexpectedly have to step up a gear or things go differently at the last minute. That is also something you have to deal with. Do you want to know if you fit into the FireWare team? Then take a look at our core values. Those should give you a good idea of ​​what is important in the FireWare team!

The emergency response organizations that we help (think of the fire service, police, ambulance, defence, emergency response trainers and much more) demand integrity. A Certificate of Good Conduct is therefore required. Also, you can't just post everything you experience on a working day on social media.

So what makes working at FireWare so much fun? You can deploy your skills to better prepare care providers for a harsh reality. Even if you are not a first responder yourself. And that takes place in a very cool, challenging, creative atmosphere. The preconditions for being able to do your work are well arranged. There is a CreaLab in our own premises to try things out. And Lego can be found at almost every workplace. You get to work in the northern part of the North-Holland province (Wieringerwerf), but there is sufficient (free!) parking space. The FireWare staff association is very active. Fun and useful events are regularly organized. Do you want to grow in a certain direction? Then we explore the possibilities together. In short, a lot is possible!

Do you want to know whether FireWare suits you as a work, internship or graduation place? Then make an appointment for a cup of coffee or tea. You're welcome!



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